• Coffee Preparation

    Become a Home Barista

    Learn new skills to use at home on your Espresso Machine. Featuring demos on the Londinium R lever home espresso machine, you’ll learn the proper ways to pull a quality shot and steam the perfect flat white. Demos starting at 10am, 12pm and 2pm.

  • Tasting

    World Tour Co-Op Cupping: A sneak peak of our upcoming fall and winter crops

    The Pachamama Coffee Cooperative is excited to host a cupping of our eclectic offerings at our Roastery and upcoming Coffeebar on 919 20th street during Specialty Coffee Week. This will be the first time the public will be able to taste these wonderful coffees. If you have never ‘cupped’ coffee before, or have NO idea what it is – don’t fret (it’s basically just a more involved coffee tasting)! We’ll teach you all you need to know about cupping coffee and why we choose to to do it over other methods of coffee brewing. Learn from our head roaster about the intricacies of the coffee, speak with our barista trainer over brewing methods, and taste some delicious coffee! Did we mention it’s free?

    If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact Cruz Conrad at

  • Competition

    Sacramento Aeropress Competition

    Bring your Aereopress and coffee brewing skills to brew a great cup of coffee. Coffee provided by Fincal La Merced, Guatemala. Bring your own supplies, you can use a paper filter, metal filter, brew inverted or traditional. Practice time starts at 5:30pm with comp starting at 6:30pm Judges include coffee producer Juan Luis Barrios

  • Farm to Cup

    Direct Trade & Direct Relationship

    Watch Short Films on coffee production from the farm with 2 Coffee Producers, Juan Luis Barrios, Guatemala and Jose Maria de Olivera, Brazil. Learn about the different ways Coffee Roasters work with their Coffee Producers to deliver a transparent cup to you. This is an interactive evening, all your questions are welcome and encouraged.

  • Pushing Coffee Boundaries

    Coffee Infused Dinner Fundraiser for Guatemalan School Children

    Balbina Figueroa de Ortega’s school sits next to Finca La Merced in Guatemala. The children of the families who work the farm attend this school and we’d like to help with their social projects. The last few years this dinner has raised money to help with a computer lab and a fresh water collection system. See a slide show, meet the producer Juan Luis Barrios and have Chef Mike Fagnoni from Hawks Provisions and Public House create an amazing 4 course dinner in our pop up dining room at the Roastery. Seats are limited and tickets only purchased thru